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    • Face Bar & Shave Soap
    • Face Bar & Shave Soap
    • Jack Black
    • $15.00 from Details for Men
    • About


      The clean formula face bar and shave soap is a plant-based, French-milled bar that cleanses the face along with providing a lather for shaving. It effectively cleanses, normalizes oiliness and nourishes the skin.

    • Key Ingredients

      • Palmitic Acid
      • Glycerin
      • Sweet Almond and Peppermint Leaf Oils
      • Aloe Vera


      • 5.3 oz


      • Sweet Almond
      • Peppermint
      • Rosemary
      • Citrus


      United States
    • How to Use It

      • Run bar under warm water and work into a rich, thick lather
      • Rub in a circular motion over face and neck
      • Shave or Rinse with water